BSB Number Code Of LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd At Melbourne In VIC

Below is the BSB code number of Bank LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd Melbourne branch. BSB code name of LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd is Bank of Sydney Ltd – Oakleigh. Address of LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd is 30 Portman Street, Melbourne, VIC, postal code 3000.

BSB Code Number: 942-302

BSB Code 942-302
BSB Name Bank of Sydney Ltd – Oakleigh
Financial Institution LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd
BSB Address 30 Portman Street
Location Melbourne
State VIC
Type PEH
Postal Code 3000

* Note : P = Paper, E = Electronic, H = High Value

BSB Code: 942-302: LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd with BSB code name Bank of Sydney Ltd – Oakleigh, contact address: 30 Portman Street, Melbourne, VIC postal code 3000. LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd supports payment method system of PEH.

Decoding BSB Code 942-302 Of LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd

A BSB code or Bank State Branch number is an unique code number assigned to each banks and helps to identify the branch of the financial  institution.

Explanation Of BSB Code Number 942-302

A BSB code consists of 6 digit number, where in first two digits indicates the name of Bank/Financial instituion, third digit says about the location (state) and the last three digits represents the branch address.

Here BSB number 942-302 represents Bank LBA Bank of Sydney Ltd in the state VIC and branch location is at 30 Portman Street.

For What BSB Code Number Be Used For ?

If you want to transfer money to someone who has bank accounts in Australia, you’ll need the recipient’s bank account number, name and lookup for BSB code number.

Please note, BSB code system is only applicable for transferring money domestically. It is similar to IFSC Codes in India.

For international money transfer, you will need to have SWIFT Codes

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